Night World

Are you brave enough to live in the world of Night?

Welcome to the Night World

Your a human like any ordinary person... you do ordinary human things like going to school (or work) and hanging out with your friends... but then there is a weird new groupie at your school (or work)... their always wearing weird flower symbols either on their pants, shirts, on rings, jewerly, makeup, or even tattoos...

They are 4 groups and most people think their different but EXTREMELY hot and they are often relishing the popularity or refusing it.

One group always wears somethign that has something to do with Black Iris's or Black Roses and talk about weird things and seem to always have names that represent nature though they seem to HATE wood.

The Second group wears black dahlilas or cresent moons with three stars and always smell like fresh herbs and seem to say "Goddess!" instead of regular curses.

The third group wears things about black foxgloves and are always talking about how awesome wolves and dogs are.

The fourth group always wears things with Black Lilys they each seem to like only ONE animal... Will you find out their secrets or live your normal life? or are YOU one of them to?