Night World

Are you brave enough to live in the world of Night?

Humans (sometimes there are no desc. i add them later)

Blair- A bit of a quiet girl. She certainly has an odd sense of style, and she has long, white blondish hair. Shes always been at the top of her classes and tryed out for sports every semester.  Shes an all around good person but hates guys who cant get their act together, or they blow off their schooling.  Shes been called prissy and stuck up, really, she just hides her feelings so she can be the best at school. Her parents DEMAND straight A's and B +'s anything lower and she gets in major trouble with her parents. But she really is sweet once you get to know her. 

Gwenyver  "Gwen or Gwenny" - Shes Angelic and is really sweet, and her parents dont paticulary want her to be with a bad boy, her parents want her to be on a one way path to success, while she really just wants to have fun. Shes best friends with Blair and always trys to get her to loosen up a lil (and epicly fails). She really wouldnt mind if a bad boy wanted to help her have fun, and party, but she does fear her parents very angry wrath.

Bf: Tomo

Breana "Bree" - (With Blaze) 

(left) Urusai- With (forgets her name cause i suck)

(right) Rikune- To be with (i think her name needs to be changed because its already being used)

Hideki- The stickler of the group, he has light blonde hair and brownish black eyes. He often has a straight bored face, but he can crack a smile once in a while.  He loves to help people and keeps the group in order.

Izumi- The playful crazy guy of the group. He has red hair and always wears a chibi pink hat.  He is often labeled as crazy, hyper, and excited. He's a manga freak and loves to have fun and hug people completely at random.  He's a people person and everyone can get along with him. 

Kenji- The nerd of the group. He has black hair and wears black rimmed glasses. He has a happy personality but he always has his nose in a book or has his laptop wiht him.  He's a freak about neatness sometimes and is a lil OCD but no one really minds. He always has a nice happy smile on his face. 

Fumiyo- The rich one of the group.  Her parents live in France in a big fancy home.  She always has the latest of everything, and is always smiling. She has light orange hair and brown eyes. She often spends time with her friends and her friends obviously like going to her house. She couldnt wish for better friends. Bf= Davis

Morihiko- The usually confused one.  He has darker blonde hair and dark eyes, he's Hidekis younger bro and always smiles happily. He sometimes gets a look on his face like "wth?" but then grins and laughs and tickles you.  Though he sometimes cant get things through his head. With

Kaiko- The shy one of the group. She has black hair and dark green eyes. She always has a shy smile on her face, and the others are constantly trying to get her to get a date with guys.  She really doesnt think shes that attractive and stays closed off to others, except her friends of course.

Litany - 

Autumn- A sweet and very happy human. Shes 17 and the only real flaw in her is that shes blind. Its sometimes hard to tell but to some people is obvious. She doesnt let that get in her way though but fears her friends turning on her and leaving her stranded. She fears being alone and being lonely and sadness. She loves happiness and animals. She's an easy person to be friends with.

Teah- to be with Lionel

Mai - (pronounced "My") BF: Clarence

Laury- BF: Arrow

Trixie- A sweet but shy girl who only wants to be loved. She of course though gets teased, because she has always gotten good grades, loves Beatles music and music from the 60's, she loves anime, and can speak Japanese. She really is a great person once you get the time to get to know her, and she wishes more people would.


Nakato "Kato" - A strong but friendly and laid back kind of guy. He's a veggie vamp, and feels repulsed at the sight or smell of human blood. He loves beatles music, and plays the guitar very well. He is often creeped out and angry at himself for being a vampire, and sometimes thinks he's a monster. He actually hates it when girls flock around him, and he hates to be called handsome.  He's only been a vamp for about 60 years, but is frozen at 18. He actually got to tour with the Beatles, acting like a grunt for them, though they were kind and helped him when he got stuck in Liverpool. He was usually their sound guy, or got them things back stage, but of course disappeared for a while after the band broke up. He's just now reappered and feels somewhat safe in Ceederleaf...

Murdock- He walks along with his lead pipe, always alone. People usually avoid him, i mean after all, he was a street urchin, an outcast, an unwanted child whos parents had abanded him when he was born, he got in street fights almost daily, he looked a bit of a mess, he had no home, and worse of all.... he was a vampire... though no one knew the last one... He was born in 1929, abanded at birth, a whores son. He was alone, but the street urchins of New York City took good care of him, he became sick with a deadly illness during the great depression, and while he was wandering Central park a vampire bit him, desperate for blood. Instead it changed him into a vampire, and now he's frozen in his late teens, no one knows how old he was when he was bitten, he didnt know his own birthday, he still doesnt know. He just knows that after living the life of a street urchin for so long he wouldnt give up the life of freedom for anything. Though he was sent to foster home to foster home he always escaped, often running to states and town surronded by forests, so he could hunt deer and animals instead of humans. He sticks up for those that are less fortunate, and has a warm heart despite his rugid appearance. All over his faded trenchcoat he has buttons, soda bottle caps, anythiing he got as a memory of a town or year he lived in... he's shocked he's made it so far, since hes often a wanderer, and loots things from people, but since your a vampire and you live forever, and you never get sick, he doesnt have to worry about sickness, or starvation.  He just needs to stop in his wanderings every so often for a deer. But he thinks he might stay in the town of Ceederleaf, he's been there before, when he first turned in the vampire, about 5 years after though... Now he's back in the hopes of finding a life, though he doesnt know if he'll give up the life of a orphaned street urchin just yet... but he if found a girl who actually liked him he wouldnt mind to much about giving up his lonely life. But hey, like i said, people tend to stay away from him, if you saw him anytime of the day, with a lead pipe walking around, wouldnt you want to steer clear?

 Gf: Dina


Penni- (Brookes older sister)

To be with Jeff

(Front) Aric-

(Back) Eagle-



Bf = Tyko



 Gf: Candy


(from left to right)


Bakeneko "Bake" -

Karasu- (half angel)

Hotaru- To be with Luis

Kasabake "Kasa" -

Suiren- Bf= Rage

Amaoni- (half demon) (With Rachel) 

Sumomo "momo" - (half human)




Tia- She's Riminis sister and loves running around with her, though she usually ruins Riminis chances at love.  She hates Bruno for hating vampires and doesnt mind kicking his ass whenever she feels like it. She often has a bright grin on her face and is grawn to knowledge for whatever random reason.

Bf= Katsumi



  (really only 1/4 werewolf) Brooke- A usually quiet but helpful girl. Shes Pennis younger sister and loves helping out.  Shes really sweet and usually has a glint in her eyes and she loves swimming. She usually likes being wiht Samson because she just feels like everythings better when shes with him. That might add to the fact that she imprinted on him, and shes very likeable. She's going out with Samson.


 Naoki- Shy, lonely, and always Bullied. She really is a sweet girl, but people think shes different because she's an orphan, but her parents didnt give her up, instead they were murdered brutally. Though no one knows that. And even though shes a half werewolf she has no wolf form. If people took the time to get to know her they would be more accepting and realize that Naoki is a wonderful girl. Shes married to Cole, and mother of... 




Jones -  





Kaleigh- A beautiful Angel. She loves flying and doesnt really like to fight since she finds it distracting and annoying. She always has bright eyes though shes really dreamy and often gets lost in her day dreams. Kaleigh really does love animals and hate sfighitng and trys to find peaceful solutions to problems. She really hopes that she can make some people agree with her. Shes also very artistic. (AND THATS A BATHING SUIT SHES WEARING! NOT LINGERIE! >_< stop having dirty minds peoples! ((my cousin has a swim suit like that, its cute and pink and bikini ish...)

Bf= Keeth



Tiffany "Tiff or Tiffa" - She wasnt always a demon. in fact, while she was an angel no one thought she would go bad, or be the sour apple of her family.  She had a wonderful life ahead of her, but she fell, and her wings were stained black for the crime she committed. Humans couldnt see her wings and thought she was a psychopathic teenager and they tried to lock her in an insane asylum, but she escaped lives here, following Drafts orders most of the time. Usually she doesnt though. She's disgusted with what shes done, but knows theres no turning back, at least not for her. No one knows what she did that turned her, but she might tell a few trusted people.

Bf= Jair

Gabriel- A demon with a dark smile.  He often hides his wings from mortal and flirts with girls of all species, even angels. He's a big flirt and doesnt mind getting in trouble with anyone as long as he's in one piece. He has pitch black wings with blakc hair and opaque eyes to match. Not to surprising his favorite color is black. He wears a necklace with a black painted cross on it as a mock humor. He really doesnt care about anyone anymore, but, theres still love in his heart.