Night World

Are you brave enough to live in the world of Night?

Circle Daybreak.

This organization was started by the Crone Edith Hearth-Woman secretly, for all races to join, so that way we can help the world and bring peace to all races. We find the lost witches and help them discover their true powers, support the soulmate principle, and currently are unknown except to our allies. Anyone can join the circle, wether they be vampire, werewolf, shapeshifter, witch, or human. This Circle is for all and we believe that eventually we'll be able to tell humans about our existence once more and prove that we're safe and sensible beings.

Our headquarters is stationed outside on the countryside of the town. Its in a secluded area, shielded by powerful witch magic to stay undetected and seems like any regular aristocrats home. It is funded by one of Ediths good vampire friends, though he prefers to stay anonymous as he has an important posistion in the Night World. 

The Courtyard. Where members can meet and socialize in peace. Fountains and benches are scattered throughout it, and there are many gardens and plants in the area.


The Meeting Hall. (when not used for Meetings its a grand dining room, though its soundproof and no one can listen on to their convos. at its for the leaders of the circle daybreak to know only.)

Upstairs. (the entire upstairs is full of rooms for members who cant have a home close by, or wish to stay here. if you do its obviously free, and its pretty luxurious, everyone gets a full sized room. after all this place is ENORMOUS however if you have a soulmate you paired into a room with your soulmate, just so theres more room.)

Out back. (This is a giant forest area set up with animals for the werewolves and vampires, since many vampires prefer to hunt animals themselves. Its also a good place to relax and hang out.)

Circle Daybreak Leaders.

Circle Daybreak Members.

(Left to Right)

James- He's a made werewolf, unlike his two best friends Raimen and Tammy. HE's Tammys distant cousin, but was a lost witch, he was bitten by a werewolf a couple of years ago but now a days doesnt really mind being a wolf. He joined Circle Daybreak with Raimen and Tammy thinking it would be good to join the circle, he wants peace between all races, and though he can seem anti-social is really a very good friend.

Raimen- He's a witch like Tammy and couldnt think of anything better than helping the greater good and being in Circle Daybreak. He had originally been in Circle Twilight so his magic is geared towards helping and healing others and is a whiz when it comes to memorizing spells gems and herbs. He's always tryed being normal going to human schools and always got straight A's and helped Tammy and James with their studying. He supports James and even though his best friend is now a wolf he still cares for him.

Tammy- She's the only girl in the group of three but doesnt mind. She's been Raimen and James best friend since grade school and plans to stick with them. She's a witch and was originally well... well she hadnt really decided on a circle when she joined Circle Daybreak. She practices both light and dark magic hoping to get a mixture of both good and bad spells, in case she was ever in a fight and needed both. She's never the best in math but always had Raimen to help her study. She loves music and is usually at the music store picking up the latest album or jamming out to music. She loves singing and dancing and much to James and Raimens dislike she's made them go to every school party or dance there was.