Night World

Are you brave enough to live in the world of Night?


Nerine- A 15 year old girl with black hair and hazel eyes. She is serious and intimidating in public and wants to keep her image that way. But when she makes friends and with people close to her, she can be carefree and friendly. But everyone thinks she's just a mean and rude girl from her appearance, so she has a hard time making friends. If she outside of school, she would be a great friend.

Anime Little Boy

A human who can be a bit rough around the edges at first glance but truly is a kind soul who cant do harm to anyone typically. He's looking for someone that can love him for being normal in this world that is so far from normal. He will fight for whatever is right however, and if he has to protect something he will using his trusty sword. [longsword most likely] But most of the time he tries to keep everyone calm and relaxed instead of argumentative.


Grace- Pretty young girl with light brown hair and kind blue eyes. Grace is adventurous and fun. She enjoys the beach and loves hanging out with her friends and family. She is wamr hearted and giving, and will help anyone in need. Grace loves swimming and, well she also enoys being a lazy but, but that's not very often. Grace is usually an energetic young teen with and great spirit and a big immagination.

Anime Red Head

Kae-shes 16 and loves to have adventures...adventures in books will always find her reading and if not probably day dreaming.she has a wild imagination just like when she was little.even though shes starting to mature fast shes still a toddler at heart.