Night World

Are you brave enough to live in the world of Night?

Join here! ^^

OK! Put your info in PARAGRAPH form! ^^ lol ok?
Your info needs this!

1) Your name (DUH!)
2) Your description (Personality what you look like and all that crap XD)
3) If your a Vampire, Witch (if witch Circle Twilight, Daybreak, or Midnight), Werewolf, or Shapeshifter (if so i need you to put in your description what animal form)
4) pic (If Werewolf put your human AND wolf pic if Shapeshifter put your human AND Animal pic! (ONLY ONE ANIMAL YOU CAN SHIFT INTO!)
5) (any extra junk your pets etc.)
6. YAY! Now you can join Circle Daybreak! ANYONE CAN. But please note its an organization ment to bring peace between all the races (including humans) and no >_> no evil plots about how someone infiltrated the base. because no one in the night world knows of it except its members.


1. no powerplaying/godmoding (its not nice and its not fun!)

2. Yah you can cuss ALL YOU WANT! WOO! just not F*ck! Say that and i slap you all the way to China ^^ (unless you live in china.... then i'll slap you all the way to America!)

3. no sexual comments PLEASE

4. Please if i make a rule or if me or Super (my moderator) are slow on update PLEASE dont bug us!

5. DO NOT KILL CHERRIES WITHOUT PERMISSION! (i swear ppl always keep launching attacks RANDOMLY without permission and ppl get in fights!)

6. if you and another rper are in a fight DO NOT fight it out on my site! Send messages or find another site to fight on!

7. If your goin on a vacation or you'll be gone for a few days or even weeks or months! PLEASE TELL ME IN THE JOIN BOX! If you dont and your not active for a month and a half i will DELETE YOUR CHERRIES!

8. Ok new rule. to Join the Inner Circle for the witches, Night World Council, Or Circle Daybreak Leaders you need MY PERMISSION! These are important posistions situated with a lot of power. And i'd prefer if you asked me and got the A-OK before you posted. if you want to ask me on the Join page by saying "oh hey SuperRose! Can my new cherrie (Blah a name) be part of the (things i posted above)" if i say "YES!" you can join as them in it if i say "NO" NO MEANS NO!

9. see what you people are making me do? now i need to add more rules! Ok Rule 9 states that this Join box is for JOINING only. No chatting with other people who have joined, or talking to me, unless its a problem with your description, picture, or i have forgotten to add you in my latest update plz.

10. Ok im one of those people that if you rush me to do something, i will postpone it because i dont like being rushed! So NO ABSOLUTELY NO; asking me when will you update? Can you update today? Your being to slow update! Can you add my character today? Anything like that and im instantly putting updating characters at the bottom of my list!

11. Ok see? another rule. god. ok seriously people READ THE RULES PAGE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! People arnt and are just going around completely breaking nightworld code! Half of the people would be dead by now with the things they do! If people dont start reading the rules, i WILL rp the nightworld council and will not tolerate rule breakers. Nightworld council either punishes, puts in prison, or kills anyone who breaks their rules.