Night World

Are you brave enough to live in the world of Night?

The Council

If your brought here your either going to be praised for doing something amazing... or your in big trouble.

The Councils Room (Where you would be brought before the council O_O)

The Council

The council is made up of Vampires, Shapeshifters, Witches, and only a few Werewolves.



Ever- 17 year old girl, or so she seems. She's a werewolf, yes, but tries her best to stay human-looking. Her hair is long and silver-grayish, and her eyes are a few shades grayer. Ever can be snappy and stormy, but is generally nice and sweet. Ever has always been a deep, thoughtful type of girl, and is good at most sports. Ever is a tall and lean girl, and has been admired more than once. Her voice is soft, but has a ferocious edge to it, much like her change in moods. As a wolf, she positively glows. She's creamy, almost peach colored. Her back and head are literally golden. Her eyes become pale yellow. Her black foxglove spirals up her right arm, starting at her wrist, and as a wolf, it spirals up her left. Ever dislikes being a werewolf, and absolutley loathes eating animals. But she knows it's just how she survives. She tries to keep a happy nature, but often struggles.