Night World

Are you brave enough to live in the world of Night?



Holly is a bright and happy girl. Her age is unknown but she says she's 18. She's always been an orphan and her past is dark and mysterious as she never talks of it. She has bright green eyes and firey orange hair and  She has a kind spirit and to match. Some people hate her, but shes an easy person to be friends with. She doesnt think she's beautiful and that shes just any ordinary person. She belongs to the shapeshifters and usually wears a black iris somewhere on her clothing, though its usually just a bracelet, since her attire is usually full of bright colors. She's a daughter to the ruling house and has yet to choose her animal form.


Sarah has long black hair with soft blue eyes. She is kind and patient, but can be a bit snappy. Sarah loves hanging out with her friends and enjoys being different things. She likes swimming and loves shopping. Sarah is an athletic girl, with a strong build and a great personality. She is smart and easy going, but can be stern and bossy at times.

Shadow- She is a female shape shifter white white and vblakc hair and dark blue eyes. She is pretty quiet when she is around people she doesn't know very well. She has a black Iris tattooed right above her right hip and one on her left wrist. Her animal form is a snow leopard.