Night World

Are you brave enough to live in the world of Night?

These are the Specific Rules that i want followed.

Ok so each race has its rules. and i know not everyone is a nightworld geek like me and knows all about it :3 so i thought it would be a good idea to post the specific rules (or do's and donts for each race) that way when people join. they know the rules and dont make their characters godly in any way. or give them unfair powers.

Vampire Rules Plz.

1. Two types. Lamia (pronounced Lay-me-ah) who are born as vampires. and the "Made Vampires"

2. Lamias can age, eat, grow, and run around doing normal human things, but can stop the aging process whenever they want. however if they start it again they will accelerate so their physical appearance matches their age.

3. Made vampires are frozen forever at the age they are changed. Its not like twilight so you *bite* "Yay im a vampire!" no you do that ima be p.oed.

4. Making a vampire without the vampire counsels permission is pretty much ILLEGAL! If they find out they will hunt you down and try to kill you :3 or just murder the vampire you made.

5. To make a made vampire is a long couple of days process. The vampire and the human must exchange blood at least 3 times. Not all at once, may take a day or two. On the fourth exchange the human body shuts down and falls asleep. while looking dead. then after a day or so only a vampire can awaken the new made vampire. and BAM there you go. Your a vampire, but you have to feed quickly, or else you'll just so happen to die.

6. Vampires do not kill when feeding. if you kill everytime you feed the vampire counsel will hunt you down. A vampires blood cells cannot carry oxygen, so to breathe they must feed either off a human or off an animal. But its not like oyu need to go on a killing spree, a lil blood from a human, or a lot from an animal can satisfy a vampire for a few days.

7. Vampires are not some invincable sparkle gay fag from twilight. They are vulnerable to wood and fire. And most vampire names are from nature, Example time! : "Aspen, Rowan, Willow, Bunny, Hawk, Eagle, Wolfy."

8. Ok very important. Vampires must ALWAYS wear their symbol somehow on their body. just like every other species. So there must be a black rose somewhere on your body. and it must be visable. like earrings, bracelets, on a watch, a ring, patch on jeans or shirt.

9. NO SHAPESHIFTING. I dont care what you say. "dracula can" yah oh well >_> No shapeshifting or magic use or mutations that are totally unfair!  Vampires ONLY have the following: Superhuman Strength, Speed, Agility, and most have telepathic powers. (not mind control. just reading and projecting thoughts to others. so you can convo in your heads haha) ok? thats all.

Rules for the Witches!

Witches are pretty straightforward right? : ) ...... WRONG XD

1. Witches descend from Hecate Hearth-Woman. Anyone in her direct bloodline the female becomes Maiden, then Mother, then Crone of the hearth-women. (the Maiden Mother and Crone are high beings, kind of like in royalty)

2. There are 3 circles in which the witches follow. Circle Twilight follows the "harm none" rules and practices healing magics, and magic that is helpful to others. while Circle Midnight practices dark magic. the third circle which is Circle Daybreak which promotes teaching magic to humans again, and creating peace between all races.

3. Witches practice magic with the aid of herbs, gemstones, effigies and incantations, all of which may be used in a spell.

4. There are the "Lost Witches" who are Witches who are born human without knowing their powers. Mainly they are psychics, palm readers, all those people who are considered a sham.

5. Well yah not to many rules for the witches. Instead of saying "oh my god!" they say "By our goddess!" As they worship their goddess mainly. and Male Witches are less likely to be appreciated, and there are very few. Women are the rulers and leaders in the witch society.

6. There is the Inner Circle. Which only those who ask permission may join. They are an elite group of 9 witches (and some male worlocks) who are the most powerful witches alive. 3 of them are the Maiden, Mother, and Crone (who is the leader.)

7. Well just be sure to be nice. and Greetings between two witches are, "Unity" and "Blessed Be" is their goodbye. Though a formal and spiritual goodbye is "Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again."

8.OK LAST RULE :D This is important! They MUST wear their symbol! The Symbol for witches are the black dahlia and the crescent moon with three stars.  The Symbol for "Lost Witches" is a Black Violet.

9. This is just a reminder. If you want to get herbs and gems and etc. for spells you cant just magically have them. you have to travel to the Harmens (Short for Hearth-Woman) store in Town. You can only get into the back (which has the witch stuff. in the front its trinkets and silly thigns for humans) by saying "May our Goddess cause our Unity and leave you Blessed." (its a spiritual thing. and yes you have to say it your first time.)

10. Lead is poisen to a witch when stabbed with it.

Rules for the werewolves!

Ok these are the easy rules haha. Their straightforward ^_^

1. Obviously they can transform from human to wolf (and vice versa.)

2. They have primal instincts, and often have animal like urges while being in human form.

3. They are second class creatures and are the pun of many jokes, and the center of racism. Dont take it personally, i mean hey your ancestors dug your own hole.

4. Werewolves must kill to feed as they need to eat the liver and other organs. it sounds gross but thats how werewolves stay alive.

5. Because of rule 4 the Night World Council has ordered that werewolves only hunt ANIMALS in the forest. If you kill a human you just dug your own grave and now you have to deal with the Night World Council... they wont go easy.

6. No its not twilight you dont jump into the air and POOF into a cuddly looking huge wolf. If you do that i will be p.oed.  They go through a transformation, not like in Wolfman not that gross, but their hair lengthens and its pretty quick, though they dont change in public, thats against Night world Council rules.  Muscles lengthen they get on all fours, and then their a wolf. Not cute and cuddly, more sinewy and longer.

7. They must wear a Black Foxglove somewhere on their body.

8. Silver hurts them. Stab them with anything silver and their going to be out cold.

Rules for the Shapeshifters.

Yay shapeshifter time!

1. Shapeshifters can ONLY shift into ONE animal.

2. There is only ONE ruling house. They are descended from the "Dragons" the ancient shape shifters who could shift into any animal they wanted. They are like a council and can punish any shapeshfiter for going against rules.

3. Only if you ask my permission may you join the Ruling House. Right now im the only one rping them. As i need someone trustworthy.

4. Shapeshifters from teh Ruling House get to choose the animal they will shift into. Though once they do its permanent. Other Shapeshifters are born with an animal they shift into.

5. All shifters are hurt by silver. Since Werewolves are a subspecies that branches off from the Wolf House.

6. They are second class creatures, but they have high standards and are very usefull for bodyguards. They get much more respect than werewolves.

7. Shapeshifters must always have a black iris somewhere on their bodys to show their shapeshifters. ok? good.

Rules for Humans!

This is easy.

1. You have no powers. sorry. that is unless your a "lost witch" then your a psychic who still only can be a psychic considered a sham.

2. NO HUMANS KNOW OF THE NIGHT WORLD AND THEIR CREATURES! You find out the night world council will murder you :3

3. If you do know and they dont find out, then your lucky. But be careful, if you get changed into a vampire illegally you'll need to learn to shield your mind before going anywhere where vampires might be.

4. Werewolf change? Thats allowed since werewolves need mates, and its hard to find female werewolves. IF you do get changed, better learn to control your shifting.

5. Sorry you cant get changed into a shape shifter. Only those fromt he Ruling House can change humans. And they rarely do. That or a dragon. But their all in hibernation because of the witches :3

6. YES Humans can learn magic. but ONLY if they join Circle Daybreak. Humans turned into creatures or those who know about the night world are safe in Circle Daybreak.

7. Thats all really. Your pretty much an oblivious person until you learn the truth ;)