Night World

Are you brave enough to live in the world of Night?

Vampire Hunters

Elusive, secretive, and deadly. Their the humans who know of the vampires, but are unable to be caught. They found out either by spying on one, they killed a family member, or they were attacked and survived. Either way they know. and They hate them. they'll do anything to kill them all, to wipe our the leeches that infest our planet. one. by. one.

 Of Course its simply hunter knowledge to NEVER try hunting vampires down by yourself. Most likely you'll be picked up by the Lancers. a Secret Organization set up to kill vampires, tracking them and hunting them down. Of course they cant go after the big guns like the elders, they go after poor vampires, those who are dangerous, but in the area. If they get word that a vampire is in their territory they wipe them out when they least expect it. Vampires Beware. The Lancers are on the move.

The safehouse. This is where the meetings happen. You plan, and you strategize on how to ambush, and kill a vampire without harming any of your team mates. Of course the harder the vampire, the less likely a newbie is to be picked, the elite members are the leaders, and theres usually at least one or two elites per mission.

Training Grounds. (hidden from human and night world sight. Often giant underground venues or warehouses filled with weapons and fighting tools. This is where newbies are taken. They stay here for months until they find a weapon of their choice, get used to fighting with it, and can knock one of the trainers or the elites off of their feet. Though its very hard. And they dont go easy on you.

Newbie Rooms. Their in rooms that have hallways attached to the training grounds. You live in these. Most have up to 10 beds per room. and theres about 14 rooms. Needless to say they can house you. and no boy girl pairings. Girl and Boy rooms. Play nice now, and make friends, you never know if the person in the bunk next to yours will save your skin on a mission.

The Trainers/Elites Room. Their bunked only with about 4 people per room. Theres only a few trainers and maybe one or two elites. If your sent here you've either earned your title as vampire hunter and the elite will take you and anyone else who passed to the safehouse to get your first mission to prove you have what it takes... or your in deep trouble and your about to get a punishment from them. Never make an Elite or a Trainer mad. you wont like it.

The Lancers Leaders and Trainers.


Kallen- shes the leader of The Lancers. People very rarely see her face since she normally wears the a mask shaped like a cat. Because of this shes known to vampires and hunters alike as "The Cat" As she leaves a distinct three claw mark on the vampires forehead when she kills them. She's been hunting vampires since she was young, and she is rarely seen on missions with newbies. But when you do get her to be on your team for a mission, your lucky. shes the best in the buisness and always fights vampires and is one of the only elites to do missions by herself without a team. If you dont follow her orders your in for a punishment. And she isnt afraid to kill traitors to the Lancers.


Alucard is a funny and yet smart Vampire hunter. he is ecwiped with every thing a vampire hates also incluiding Knives,Rope Saw Crossbow Pistol Flashlight
Neck brace or iron collar . He is vaery skilled with ever thing he is great with aime and can make firends fine. His only issue is that he is a loner not thinking he will ever fit in with the world. He hates vampires beacuse they killed his family 10 years ago. Alucard is 17 years old. Black hair and orange eyes. (Trainer.)

Lancer Members

Lilly is a shy girl with a love for adventure and fun. She is a Vampire hunter she is skilled with blades and swords. She is human but it may seem like a vampire but she's not. She has long brown hair and her favrote activitys are ready traing and wrighting. She does not like to fight and could care less for it. She is a Vampire hunter and still needs to learn alot about the job