Night World

Are you brave enough to live in the world of Night?

Lamia Vampires

Max- (17) he's been Holly and Ryders best friend since Middle School. He has bright eyes and a big personality. He loves to run and not to suprising has always been on cross country or track teams. He's hyperactive and has ADHD and is always on the run. He's a force of nature and is to not be messed with. He'll do ANYTHING to help his friends or anyone close to him. He doesnt really take being a Lamia seriously, and treats everyone the same. He thinks of most Shapeshifters and Werewolves just those who got the bad end of a deal. He loves having fun and thinks he'll stop his aging at 18.

Cat is a tall 13 year old vampire with long blonde hair and dark red eyes. She is very stubborn and hates people who boss her around, but she does have a nice side

Nech- A handsome 18 year old. Or is he really? His hair is snowy white, much like his skin. His eyes are such a pale gray that they too, look white. He looks intimidating because he's so tall, and he has big, broad shoulders. Nech is a quiet type, and hardly ever talks. He has a big, black rose tattoo on his back, but no one has seen it. He's a swift, silent runner and is pretty good at everything, including playing the elecric guitar. Little kids are scared of him, and the truth is, he is too.

Cydnee "Cyd" - A Musical, Artsy girl with black hair and blue eyes. Her saying "Music = Life" for her it really is.She keeps herself busy with Art classes,singing lessons,dance classes,acting classes everything.She really is a nice girl but behind that she's a rebel and a fighter.She has a great smile too..but she has two sharp fangs.Yes Cyd's a Vampire.She's born that way and she has 2 younger sisters but she keeps to herself she seems 16 but she much older but she'll only relive her age to people who she turst...which is no one to be exact.

Made Vampires