Night World

Are you brave enough to live in the world of Night?


White hair anime girl  whitewolf

Kurikou is a 14 year old girl with long white hair that is usually up with a couple of feathers, and golden-yellow eyes. She's a werewolf. She's a little strange, one reason is because she was raised my Indians, but also becuase her parents were murderer in front of her when she was very young. She's also very kind at times, but if you try to hurt her she's a compleatly different person.


Kai (Ky)
An 18 year old werewolf with black hair and very light brown eyes. He is a loner, very independent most of the time. He likes to be the boss, naturally, when he's in a group, but it doesnt happen often enough for anyone to bother him. He tries to keep a low key, but somehow he always gets sucked into the middle of things. When he's a wolf he loses some of his control, but keeps it enough he can focus it away from people.


Ryder- He's been Max and Hollys best friend since middle school. He's quieter and stronger than the other two but is bright and happy. He turns into a wolf but has tons of scars all over his body from varius fights he's had over the years. He isnt to be messed with and treats Max like a lil bro. He acts like a protector to Holly and Max like an older bro and is a great person once you get past his shell. He's a werewolf with class and helps out others, and has great control over his wolf self, and often ignores the racism he gets. He likes hanging out with Shapeshifters and other 'wolves.

Black Wolf

Dawn Smith(15)- A black haired girl with emerald green eyes. She's very quiet, and is usually somewhere in the shadows. When she speaks, it's most of the time an order, though she doesn't expect you to listen to her. She's moody, and will not talk to you unless you interest her. She's rude but very protective of all of those she loves, and is self-sacrificing.

Red Haired Anime GirlRed wolf anime

Ayame-Her name means deamon princess and that's how she is sadly treated. Her hair is blood red and her eyes golden amber. She is quiet and often timid but she fights till the death. Her wolf form is quite odd. Her pelt is jet red with golden markings running through the pelt. She can be very sweet to those who are sweet back.