Night World

Are you brave enough to live in the world of Night?

Inner Circle

The Nine Strongest Witches and Warlocks in the Night World. They rule over the witches and decide punishments for those who disobey their laws.

Edith- She is the crone of the witches and the leader of the Inner Circle. She is the most powerful witch alive and rules the witches with love but sternness as well. She is very fond of her daughters and granddaughters and follows her decisions by the word of the goddess. She knows she looks old and worn from the use of magic and the weary battles, but she still has a while to live. She trains the Mother happily and is very fond of the maiden as they are all descendents of her. She is a hearth-woman and wants her family only to marry other witches but would respect their wishes if they wanted to marry a human. She is very fair and loving.

 anime girl

Sage- small framed girl with gold blond hair and pure sky blue eyes. She is the maiden of the witches. She is calm and quiet. But she has a feirce love for her goddess and for the witches of the night world. She may be small but she has a powerful and strong sorce of magic within her, she's one witch that wont go down without a fight. She is the perfect image of a young witch and dose her best to uphold the title of Maiden and not to be tempted to disobey the laws of the nightworld.



Circle Midnight